*Also conducted "vegan Day" and "INDIAN RYTHMS" event in the year 2015.

*We conducted 108 salutations mega event in vietnam with the collaboration of Indian Embassy in the year 2016.

*We also conducted and performed at ugadi celebrations held in malaysia in the year 2016.

*Conducted "Malaysia Nrutyotsav" in Malaysia in the year 2016.

*Conducted international "Women's Day" at Vietnam in the year 2016.

*Conducted "Indian Rythms" in BALI(INDONESIA) in the year 2017.

*Conducting "Dance Festivals" in Dubai Global village every year from 2018.

*Conducted a Mega Dance Event called "Satyanruthya yaagam" with 108 Dancers performed simultaneosly on a international platform in Malaysia in 2018,which is a huge International Dance event conducted till date.

*Conducted "Indian Rythms" in the capital city of Vietnam "HANOI" in the year 2018.

*Conducted "Bharateya Sangeeta Nrutyotsav" in Tirupati in the year 2018.

*Conducted Rushikesh,Badrinath,Kedarnath Nrutyotsav with 100 people in the year 2018 & 2019.

*Conducted "Kala Jhari" program in india in the year 2019.

*Conducted "spiritual Bali retreat & Dance event" in the year 2019.

*Conducted "Deepavali Celebrations" in malaysia in the year 2019.